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Build Wright Construction is a Vancouver based firm founded in 2010, with the intent of creating well-crafted modern structures. The aesthetics and space are uniquely sculpted to form each project individually., We employ todays 3d modelling technology and building science principles in order to produce high performance energy efficient buildings.  As a licensed general contractor we can efficiently deliver a project from the initial planning stages through to the fine detailing of finish elements. This integrated approach allows us to be responsible designers and inspired builders while efficiently creating a cost effective yet exceptional product for our clients.


Christopher Wright, found his calling for architecture and design during his studies at Taliesin West, Scottsdale AZ. This “learning by doing” approach to design and building allowed Chris to excel through the apprenticeship ranks at a young age. Now As a licensed builder, journeyman carpenter and aspiring architect, He adds a unique element to our projects through his in-depth understanding of proportions, detailing and space. He continues to expand his knowledge through extracurricular studies and volunteer exercises.  As a leader, he works to extend this passion to his team members in an effort to inspire them on their own building path.

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CHBA: Canadian Home Builders’ Association


HPO: Homeowner Protection Office

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